EPISODE: 2.12 (Series Finale)

AIRDATE: April 26th 2007

Written by: Phil Ford
Produced by: Sue de Beauvoir
Directed by: Lance Kneeshaw 

Episode Guide

Janeece has been well and truly sucked in by Jerry's Creationist ideology. Her interest in dinosaurs has bitten the dust and she's now wearing a crucifix and quoting Genesis to anyone who'll listen. Andrew can't believe Jack's just sitting back and allowing Jerry to take over like this - maybe he's made the right choice in deciding to hand in his resignation. Jack is stunned when Davina hands him Andrew's letter of resignation. How can Andrew could walk away like this? There's still so much work to do.

The burger van is still at the school gates, tempting kids into a hell of junk food and drugs. Siobhan is lying in intensive care after taking an overdose of the Seddon's homemade MDMA and Jed's only too aware of how much harm Siobhan's best friend, Courtney, could do to the family business. But Courtney's guilty conscience is more than a match for Jed's threats of violence and it's only a matter of time before she's unburdening herself on Kim. As a result of Kim's 'anonymous' tip-off, Jack calls the police. They arrive to search the burger van, but thanks to Jed's quick-thinking, they come away empty-handed.

It's Chlo's sixteenth birthday and Donte has arranged a party for her at his house. He and Chlo are also planning to sneak away for some time alone together, but Chlo's nervous and getting stuck into the alcopops, something that hasn't escaped Lewis's notice. He's loaded up with a supply of pills to pep the party up and decides to slip a little something into her drink. Before long, she's off her face and dragging Donte into the bedroom. Later, Mika tries to sneak Chlo home, but Izzie catches them and quickly realises that all is not right. The next day, Jed and Gemma are furious with Lewis for putting the operation in danger and decide to take drastic measures.

Lewis gets his own back on Jed by giving Jack the location of the drugs factory. While Jack and Andrew head off to check it out, Steph pulls Jerry aside for a private word. She's had her fill of seeing Davina and Jack flaunt their happiness in her face and has decided that it's time for action. Jack arrives back at the school to find Roger and Jerry in the process of giving Davina her marching orders. Although his initial reaction is to intervene on Davina's behalf, he quickly folds under pressure. He doesn't want to do anything that might jeopardise the academy, even if it means sacking his girlfriend.

It's a sad day for the staff and pupils as they gather in the hall for Lorna's memorial service, but the mood is altered when Jerry uses the opportunity to preach to those gathered. It's the final straw for Andrew and he rises to challenge Jerry's beliefs in front of the packed hall. With the pupil's cheers ringing in his ears, Andrew walks out. He's embarrassed about his display, but Kim thought he was amazing and shows him her appreciation with a kiss. But will her feelings be enough to make Andrew stay at Waterloo Road? Clearly not. Andrew is leaving the country no matter what. He's booked on a flight for Rwanda the following morning and wants Kim to join him.

Donte is being given the cold-shoulder by Chlo who is convinced he took advantage of her in her drugged-up state at the party. Donte insists that he didn't touch her, and he's even got Janeece as a witness to prove it. Loved-up once again, they head off to the staff room to speak to Izzie and Tom, but when they announce their engagement, Izzie gives them a harsh ultimatum. But mother and daughter are equally as stubborn and Chlo's determined to do whatever it takes to be with Donte, even if it means running away.

Jack finally realises the extent of what he's prepared to sacrifice for the academy. After reinstating Davina, he calls Roger and Jerry to his office and sends them both packing - Waterloo Road doesn't need rich Americans to keep it running. Jack feels invigorated after seizing back control of the school, but his good cheer is shattered when Jed Seddon walks into the empty schoolyard looking for a fight. Jack's ready to give him exactly what he came for, but Jed's a bad loser and has come armed with a knife. Meanwhile, Izzie's drama club has finished in time for her to witness the fight. She runs straight to Jack's aid, and right onto Jed's knife...

Episode Soundtrack

  • Kasabian - Ovary Stripe
  • Boy Kill Boy - On And On
  • The View - Street Lights
  • The View - Don't Tell Me
  • Goldfrapp - Ooh La La
  • Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
  • Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control
  • Editors - Fingers In The Factories
  • Kasabian - Sun/Rise/Light/Flies
  • The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir
  • Ian Brown - Corpses In Their Mouths
  • Ian Brown - Golden Gaze
  • Thirteen Senses - Thru The Glass

(All information taken from Official Waterloo Road Website)



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