AIRDATE: February 15th 2007

Written by: Harriet Warner
Produced by: Sue de Beauvoir
Directed by: Farren Blackburn

Episode Guide

There is a serial attacker in the area and Celine, a Waterloo Road pupil, has been assaulted. The police advise pupils on safety, while Kim sets up a self-defence class. However, underneath her enthusiasm, Kim is still vulnerable after her own experience at the hands of Lewis, and Andrew's worried that the whole thing is affecting her a lot more than she's letting on. The last thing Kim needs is Lorna storming into her classroom and threatening to slap her unless she keeps away from Andrew. Kim is understandably shocked, as is Izzie, especially when she learns that Lorna has stopped taking her anti-depressants.

Maxine is considering returning to school, and it looks like Steph's a good influence in her life. Grantly makes a point of warning Steph not to get too involved and it looks like he could have a point when Maxine turns up on Steph's doorstep and begs her for a place to stay. She explains that her mum chucked her out when she started taking drugs and refuses to take her back in case she annoys her live-in boyfriend, Kevin. Steph decides to pay Maxine's mum a visit and is surprised to discover that Kevin is a pretty amiable bloke. He also seems to genuinely care about Maxine's welfare and jumps at the chance to have her back home.

Mika is crushed when Brett announces that he is seeing someone, although she would probably die of shock if she discovered the true identity of his new girlfriend. With Roger away on business and Jack attending a residential course, Davina jumps at the chance of spending a whole weekend with Brett. But her night of meaningless fun is brought to an unsatisfactory conclusion when Jack sends her a text message telling her that he's missing her. Brett is immediately jealous and threatens to tell Jack about their affair. Davina quickly loses patience with his childish behaviour and leaves.

Disturbed by Lorna's erratic and possessive behaviour, Andrew decides to cool things off between them. He makes an excuse when Lorna asks to see him that evening and instead, decides to invite Kim out. However, Kim is still stinging from Lorna's verbal attack and once again, she and Andrew end up at each other's throats. At the hospital, Lorna is given the devastating news that she has Multiple Sclerosis. She is immediately in shock and denial, but finally alone in her flat, her resolve breaks and she begs Izzie to come over.

Stacey has developed a huge crush on Tom. She pouts and preens in his presence, but he's blind to the signals and doesn't catch on until she sends him a flirty text message. He believes he has dealt with it, but Stacey misreads his reply, which fuels her interest even more. Later, Stacey makes arrangements with Chlo for them to do their homework together and is invited to stay for dinner. She can't believe her luck when Izzie goes running off to see Lorna. Tom is furious, unable to believe that Izzie is putting Lorna first again, and gets stuck into the red wine. After several glasses, he's out for the count and completely oblivious when Stacey climbs into bed with him.

The school car park is deserted when Kim finally leaves work. She's immediately on the alert when Lewis steps out of the shadows and demands to know what he's doing there. He claims to be returning a bike, but Kim's sure he's up to something sinister and calls the police. Could he be the attacker? Over at Lorna's flat, Izzie is devastated to hear of her friend's condition and promises to do everything she can to help. But the shock is finally starting to hit Lorna and it's only a matter of time before she loses her temper. Izzie tries her best to calm her down, but is violently pushed away, losing her footing and falling heavily on her stomach. Lorna rushes Izzie to the hospital, but it's much too late for the baby...

Episode Soundtrack

  • Jamelia - Beware Of The Dog
  • The Kooks - Naive
  • Doves - Somebody Soon
  • The Raconteurs - Yellow Sun
  • The Ordinary Boys - Skull And Bones
  • Lilly Allen - Take What You Take
  • The Feeling - Strange
  • Oceansize - Meredith
  • Hard Fi - Cash Machine
  • Doves - Almost Forgot Myself
  • Oceansize - Music For A Nurse
  • Ian Brown - F.E.A.R
  • Boy Kill Boy - Back Again
  • Editors - Open Your Arms
  • Turin Brakes - Feeling Oblivion
  • Thirteen Senses - History

(All information taken from Official Waterloo Road Website)



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