AIRDATE: December 13th 2007

Written by: Liz Lake
Produced by: Lis Steele
Directed by: Laurence Moody

Episode Guide

Matt is in a colossal sulk. Despite his partner, Colin's best efforts, an important local theatre critic will not be able to make it to the debut performance of Park Side Story. On top of this disappointment, he's also panicking that the cast won't be ready in time, particularly Mika who is still struggling with her lines. Mika is also dreading the prospect of sharing a stage with Brett, not to mention having to get into character and feign feelings for him. The other Grainger sister, Chlo, is becoming more and more uncomfortable with the fact that Donte and Celine look so happy together. Donte seems a bit shifty when Chlo asks for a private word. Could he be hoping for a reunion? But any hopes are soundly dashed when Chlo returns her wedding ring.

Rachel is seriously stressed as she and Eddie prepare to present ideas on their new initiative for Waterloo Road, the Rochdale Business and Enterprise College. Unfortunately, the presentation is nearly wrecked when Eddie's ex-wife, Alison, turns up out of the blue and dumps their son, Michael on him. In Eddie's absence, Rachel struggles to present on her own. The only way she can see to salvage the situation is by bringing forward the first performance of Park Side Story. What better incentive for the DEFS to agree to fund her project than to see how talented the kids at Waterloo Road are? Matt, Steph, and the cast are gob-smacked. They haven't even had a dress rehearsal yet!

Grantly still owes Tom £500, money he needs to take Chlo and Mika away for a much-needed holiday. Tom insists that they go to the bank together and then looks on impatiently as Grantly 'forgets' his PIN. Three attempts later, the card has been gobbled up by the machine. Realising that Tom is not going to let it go, Grantly suggests that they go back to his house - he may be able to scrape together something. Unknown to Grantly, Tom follows him into his house and is horrified to find the place totally empty of furniture. He goes upstairs to investigate and there's another shock in store when he discovers that Grantly's wife, Fleur, is bedridden she and that she clearly has no idea of the financial mess her husband has gotten himself into.

Still smarting from losing the lead role in the musical to Mika, Aleesha plots her revenge. With everyone else occupied with preparations for the performance, she sneaks backstage and sabotages the sound effects. The effects of Aleesha's actions aren't apparent until Scene Three. The sound operator's cue comes up, but instead of a doorbell, there's the sound of a baa-ing sheep! Steph and Matt are completely thrown. Karla prompts 'ding dong' in a loud clear voice as the sound operator presses another button and this time, a cow moos. The audience, and Aleesha, are in stitches. Luckily, disaster turns into comedy when Tom decides to mug it up for the audience, acting as if the barnyard sounds are all part of the show. The audience may appreciate the humour, but Matt doesn't.

During the interval, Matt freaks out completely and tears Tom off a strip for ad-libbing. Is he the only one who's taking it all seriously? Realising that Matt is totally overreacting and in danger of messing up the whole show, Tom and Steph lock him in the props cupboard. But it's all too late for Karla, thoroughly unsettled by Matt's outburst, she flees. Meanwhile, Aleesha is still hell-bent on revenge and starts to rifle through Karla's stuff. She's brought up short when she finds Karla's diary and discovers that it's full of entries about her and Danielle. Karla clearly hero-worships them both. Profoundly moved, Aleesha and Danielle vow to be nicer to Karla in the future. They start by helping Davina to track her down to her usual hiding place behind the bins.

Fleur shocks Grantly by rising from her sickbed and turning up at the school. With nowhere to run, he confesses the extent of his gambling habit, and his debts. He's stunned by how positive Fleur is about it all - they'll muddle through it together, just like always. Grantly and Fleur's devotion quickly rubs off on Tom and Davina. The chemistry between them has been intensifying and they finally admit to their feelings by disappearing for a sneaky snog. Elsewhere, Rachel's sense of contentment fades quickly when she spots a familiar face. Could her past be coming back to haunt her? Later, the familiar face meets with a mystery man in a pub. After confirming her sighting of Rachel, she produces a newspaper cutting that contains a shocking revelation about Rachel's former career...

Episode Soundtrack

  • Stephen Fretwell - Can This Be?
  • Milburn - What Will You Do (When The Money Goes)?
  • Athlete - Flying Over Bus Stops
  • The Twang - Don't Wait Up
  • The Twang - Reap What You Sow
  • Athlete - In Between 2 States
  • Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights
  • Jamie Scott & The Train - Runaway Train
  • Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door
  • Athlete - Second Hand Stores
  • Fortune Drive - Sparkle
  • The Feeling - Sewn

(All information taken from Official Waterloo Road Website)



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