AIRDATE: January 10th 2008

Written by: Lisa Holdsworth
Produced by: Lis Steele
Directed by: Jenny Ash

Episode Guide

Rachel returns after the break to find that her office has been ransacked. At first it seems that Waterloo Road has been the target of vandals, but then she discovers that the only thing missing is her personnel file. Outside, as the rest of pupils sit their mocks, Bolton waits in the car park with the rest of his gang. Rachel is convinced that a day trip to a local prison could give them the scare they need to take school and their future more seriously. Bolton's well up for the visit and tells the rest of the lads that they're in for a treat. If it's half as cushy as the one his jailbird dad is banged up in it's going to be a right laugh. Just wait until they see the gym and the sauna! He's also made a deal with Rachel that if he doesn't feel differently about school following the trip, he's free to drop out of school.

Eddie's concerned that the teachers aren't taking their duties as exam invigilators seriously. He makes a tour of the corridors and becomes more and more frustrated as he spots Jasmine listening to music, Grantly reading the Racing Post, and Tom and Davina flirting. Later, Eddie challenges the unprofessional attitude of his staff by asking them to sit an exam after school, offering a bottle of whiskey to anyone who achieves a grade B or above. Convinced it'll be a walk over, they're all up for it, right up until the moment they turn over their exam papers and discover they'll be sitting totally different subjects to the ones they teach.

At the prison, Bolton takes advantage of the mayhem caused by a vicious attack on Matt by a prisoner. Inmate Carlton hands him a little parcel and a delighted Bolton tucks it away in his pocket. However, he's found out when he and the gang are asked to submit to an exit search, and the drugs he's bought are discovered. Bolton is appalled when the Governor orders him to be taken to a holding cell and looks to Rachel for help. She shrugs - he's not a pupil anymore and therefore no longer her responsibility. Bolton maintains his hard man front as he's banged up, but he quickly crumples when he finds out that Carlton is his cell mate. Carlton's furious and accuses Bolton of grassing on him. Bolton is reduced to tears, terrified and begging to be let out.

Outside, Rachel finally comes clean to the lads, they've been had! The Governor, POs, and inmates are all actors! Paul and the others look on open-mouthed as a completely unharmed Matt strolls out. He smiles. Did they honestly think they'd be allowed inside a real prison? Although clearly shaken, Bolton shrugs off the news of Rachel's deception. By the time they get back to Waterloo Road, he has regained most of his swagger and is still adamant that he's had it with school. Then Rachel plays a DVD of CCTV footage that shows him crying his eyes out in the prison cell. Bolton tries to storm out, but Rachel stops him. Can't he see that if he puts as much effort into his school work as he does into maintaining his macho front, he'll go a hell of a long way? Jolted by Rachel's words, Bolton agrees to stay on.

In the absence of Steph who is 'fund-raising' in France, Tom has been asked to encourage more parents to attend that night's parents evening. He starts off by chasing Danielle whose mum is yet to turn up to one of their evenings. Later, it becomes clear why Danielle's been keeping her mum so tightly under wraps. She's deeply religious and insists that Danielle dress appropriately. Aleesha takes one look at her friend's knee-length skirt, cardigan, and unstraightened hair and is struck by an attack of the giggles. Realising that she's upset Danielle, Aleesha seeks her out and apologises. Why doesn't Danielle change at her house in the mornings rather than using the public loos in future?

Across the room, Davina is thanked by a very grateful parent, Darren Brigg Snr. Since Davina's been assisting Darren Jnr he's turned a corner and never seems to stop talking about her. Davina's flattered by the compliment and happy to have some recognition for all of the hard work she's been putting in. The evening gets even better when Tom takes Davina out for dinner. After a day of awkward moments between them, Tom tells Davina she's pulled. Meanwhile, after a long day, an exhausted Rachel senses she's not alone as she gets into her car. She's quick to dismiss the feeling, but as she drives away, a shadowy figure watches...

Episode Soundtrack

  • Kings Of Leon - Fans
  • Athlete - Hurricane
  • Athlete - In Between 2 States
  • Muse - Starlight
  • Bluebird Kit Clark - Reassured
  • Jet - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • Rooney - Are You Afraid?
  • Nickelback - Savin' Me
  • Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke [The Insider OST] - Liquid Moon
  • Graeme Revell [The Insider OST] - LB In Montana
  • Sigur Ros - Gong
  • The Stone Roses - Ten Storey Love Song

(All information taken from Official Waterloo Road Website)



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