AIRDATE: January 17th 2008

Written by: Danny McCahon
Produced by: Lis Steele
Directed by: Jenny Ash 

Episode Guide

Rachel is bemused when developer Stuart Hordley shows up at her office and makes a plea for her to reinstate his rejected bid for the contract to build Waterloo Road's new training centre. Rachel explains that she has no influence over the LEA's decision, but Hordley is nothing if not persistent. He's also come prepared and, much to Rachel's shock, he hands her a copy of the deed poll showing her change of name. It is becoming clear that Rachel has a hidden past she's been running away from, a past Hordley knows would mean the end of her career should it become public knowledge. She's got until the end of the day to telephone the LEA and get them to reinstate his bid.

Following the parent's evening, Darren Brigg Snr turns up with flowers for Davina and the offer of a night out with him as a thank you for all of the hard work she's put in with his son, Darren Jnr. Slightly taken aback, Davina declines and cites heavy work commitments. However, Darren Snr is not so easily put off and pesters her with text messages throughout the day. Later, Darren Jnr lets it slip that Davina hugged him in class and then immediately regrets it when his dad storms off to Rachel's office. He demands that Davina be sacked immediately for inappropriately touching his son. It's just another problem that Rachel doesn't need. Already riled from her confrontation with Stuart, she's less than sympathetic with Davina.

Rachel desperately tries to get rid of Hordley but he quickly ingratiates himself with the staff, especially with Eddie by asking if he can sit in on a 'lessons for life' session. Morosely, Eddie, Jasmine, and Matt pass around some of the worst mock exam papers. The three teachers agree that the new scheme will at least ensure that the kids leave school with something, but what is the use in putting them through mock interviews and showing them how to write a CV when some of them can't even spell their own names? Its music to their ears when Hordley offers an office junior's job for the best candidate at that afternoon's mock interviews.

The kids are excited when they hear that there's a real job up for offer. Bolton in particular is showing uncharacteristic enthusiasm. Keen to make a good first impression, Bolton pulls out all the stops and turns up at the interview in a borrowed suit. Already seething when she hears about Hordley's job offer, Rachel is deeply suspicious when he offers the job to an ecstatic Bolton. She's right to worry about Hordley having an ulterior motive. He knows all about the hard work Rachel has put in with Bolton and threatens to undo it unless she does what he wants. Realising she has no choice, Rachel picks up the phone and telephones the LEA.

Davina is still reeling from Darren Snr's allegations. She decides to take matters into her own hands and offers Darren Jnr a lift home as a means to confront his dad. Although she and Darren Jnr manage to convince his dad that nothing untoward happened between them, it does nothing to cure the underlying problem. Darren Snr can't believe that Davina could choose Tom over him and begins to lose his temper, frustrated that she won't give him a chance. Davina tries to leave but Darren Snr refuses to let her out and locks the front door. She's trapped! Darren Snr is on verge of attacking her when his son bursts into the room. In floods of tears, he begs his dad to stop.

Tom and Mika have a heart-to-heart. Despite everything that's happened, it's clear that she misses Brett, why doesn't she give him a ring? As Mika heads out for a pizza with Brett, Tom is surprised when Davina turns up at the house. He's furious when he hears about her ordeal at the hands of Darren Snr and threatens to go round there and kick him into the middle of next week. Davina tells him to forget it, and anyway, hasn't he got enough going on in his life without fighting her battles as well? Back at the school, Rachel informs Hordley that his bid has been reinstated. However, it transpires that him back into the running was only part of the deal. Rachel is aghast when Hordley tells her that he's relying on her to make sure that his bid is successful, or else...

Episode Soundtrack

  • Athlete - Hurricane
  • Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance
  • Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke [The Insider OST] - Liquid Moon
  • Athlete - The Outsiders
  • Battle - The Time For Talking Is Almost Over
  • Biffy Clyro - Machines
  • KT Tunstall - Little Favours
  • Rooney - Jump In My Bed
  • Stephen Fretwell - Scar
  • Stephen Fretwell - Now
  • Athlete - Airport Disco
  • Battle - Paper Street
  • Athlete - Best Not To Think About It
  • The MacCabees - Toothpaste Kisses
  • Sigur Ros - Gong
  • Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke [The Insider OST] - Broken

(All information taken from Official Waterloo Road Website)



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