AIRDATE: November 1st 2007

Written by: Matthew Evans
Produced by: Lis Steele
Directed by: Dermot Boyd

Episode Guide

Steph's still loved up following her passionate clinch with Jack and is determined to take it to the next level. She's crushed when Jack point blank refuses her advances and makes it very clear that they just had some fun, with absolutely no chance of a repeat performance. Meanwhile, Danielle is a lot luckier in love and she and her boyfriend, Ben McNulty indulge in a sneaky snog in the Art room. Disaster strikes when Ben falls off some scaffolding into the half-finished musical set, cutting his head in the process. Matt injures himself in his efforts to help and is surprised when Ben recoils in horror. The situation becomes even more bizarre when the usually apathetic Steph swoops in and anxiously rushes Ben to A&E.

Chlo is feeling guilty about having slept with Brett in her and Donte's new flat. She's determined to stay in the flat to please Donte even if she's really missing Tom and Mika. Tom wants Chlo back at home, and if that means Donte as well, then that's what will happen. He waits until English to approach Donte and share his concerns about Chlo's happiness and the problems she's having with her schoolwork. He points out the financial benefits of living back in the Clarkson-Grainger household and even offers to convert the loft into a bedroom with private en-suite for them. Donte is reluctant to give up his and Chlo's independence, but loves her enough to want the best for her.

It turns out that Steph knows a lot more about Ben than she's letting on. He has HIV as a result of his birth-mother's drug use and Steph has promised his adoptive parents that she'll keep his condition a secret from everyone, Jack and Eddie included. While Steph is tied up at the hospital, Mrs McNulty arrives at the school in a panic and runs into Eddie. Matt is called to Jack's office and is told that Ben is HIV positive. While Matt rushes off to the hospital for preventative treatment, Danielle and Aleesha - suspicious when their drama lesson is cancelled - do a bit of snooping around Matt's office. They find the results of his Internet research about HIV on his computer screen and put two and two together.

Ben arrives back at Waterloo Road to discover that his secret is out. Girlfriend Danielle is bricking it, and his best mate, Bolton is disgusted and orders Ben to stay away from him in future. But even worse is to come when Lewis, assuming that anyone with HIV must be gay, erupts into a homophobic rant in front in the packed school canteen. The news travels through the school like wildfire and Jack is soon on the receiving end of frantic phone calls from angry parents. As he and Steph meet with Ben and Mrs McNulty, a much calmer Matt returns to the school. He's appalled when he learns that Ben has taken the decision to leave the school and makes his feelings known to the cast of the musical, Aleesha in particular. Unable to work with a room full of narrow-minded bigots, he cancels that afternoon's rehearsal.

Although Jack has failed in his efforts to persuade Ben to stay on at Waterloo Road, his determination to support and include him have deeply touched Davina. As far as Jack's concerned, he's convinced that Davina is 'the one' and, perhaps a little guilty about his transgression with Steph, he whips out an engagement ring and proposes. There are congratulations in the staff room when Jack and Davina make their announcement, but will a rejected and gutted Steph manage to keep her mouth shut about their recent night of passion? In the meantime, she's desperate to find a pair of arms to rebound into and makes a beeline for Matt. Her jaw hits the floor when Matt reveals that he's gay.

Under pressure from Donte and Mika, Brett and Chlo agree to restart the French tutorials. They both worry that if they don't, sooner or later someone's going to wonder what's going on. So they quickly come to an understanding; surely it can't be that difficult to keep their true feelings under control? Can it? The problem is that the first time, Chlo feels someone is taking her seriously. She can't help herself when she and Brett look into each other's eyes and end up heading for the bedroom. Unbeknownst to them, Donte has been planning a romantic night chez Grainger to celebrate their homecoming and has been laying a table in the garden all along. He phones Chlo to find out what's keeping her. Odd, why can he hear her mobile ringing upstairs? All becomes clear when he opens the bedroom door...

For more information about HIV and how it affects children, teenagers, and familer, please visit the Body & Soul website.

Episode Soundtrack

  • Razorlight - Hold On
  • Ghosts - Musical Chairs
  • The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Always Right
  • Shady Bard - Frozen Lake
  • Thirteen Senses - All The Love In Your Hands
  • Steven Lindsay - Deep
  • Paul Hardnoll - Patchwork Guilt
  • Shady Bard - Torch Song
  • Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - I-Spy
  • Thirteen Senses - Spirals
  • Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Lighthouse Keeper
  • Shiny Toy Guns - Don't Cry Out
  • The Pigeon Detectives - Romantic Type
  • Shady Bard - Fires
  • Steven Lindsay - Metropolis
  • The Pigeon Detectives - You Know I Love You
  • Sia - Breathe Me
  • The Enemy - This Song Is About You
  • Ghosts - Temporary

(All information from Official Waterloo Road Website)



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