AIRDATE: November 4th 2009

Written by: Maureen Chadwick
Produced by: Sharon Channer
Directed by: Matthew Evans

Episode Guide

The hostility between the ex-John Fosters pupils and their Waterloo Road peers continues unabated. Lindsey and Michaela are still at each other’s throats, and while Michaela continues to make digs about Lindsey’s “murdering mum”, Lindsey simmers, sure that it’s only a matter of time before her nemesis is expelled for “hitting” Helen. Meanwhile, Helen is back at school in a neck-brace after her fall down the stairs. Desperate to blame someone else for her own inadequacies as a teacher, she accuses Michaela of pushing her, demanding that Max expel her immediately. Once again, Max accuses her of drawing attention to herself and advises her to keep her head down. Helen meekly agrees and once again, it becomes clear that there is, or rather was, more to her and Max’s relationship than meets the eye.

Things are still rather on the spiky side in the staffroom, especially when Ruby takes it upon herself to seduce Grantly away from his usual instant coffee to her special supercharged brew. Grantly quickly learns that excessive consumption of caffeine can have a laxative effect. Plus, there’s trouble in store for Steph when her first official appraisal from new Head of Department, Jo, is less than flattering. Tom meanwhile keeps finding copies of an old photograph of himself and one of his ex-girlfriends, Georgia, in his pigeon-hole. He shows the photograph to Kim who by chance, manages to track down the culprit. Finally, Rachel is still finding working with Max increasingly difficult. As if hogging their shared office wasn’t enough, he’s also set up a ‘Youth Voluntary Action’ scheme for the pupils without even consulting her.

Although the two sets of pupils continue to bait each other, there does appear to be one John Fosters girl who’s willing to bridge the divide. Amy thinks Bolton is well cute and is sure that she’ll be able to steal him away from Michaela with little effort. Although best mate Siobhan dismisses Bolton as a chav, she does at least agree to help Amy lure him into the girls’ toilets for a secret tryst. However, inter-school tensions are suddenly ramped up another notch when Siobhan discovers Amy in a cubicle; tearful and with a nasty looking cut on her cheek. With Lindsey egging her on, she accuses Bolton of attempted rape; an accusation that a bewildered Bolton is quick to deny. Lindsey is delighted with the turn of events, keen to use the incident as another example that Waterloo Road pupils are trouble, happy to have a distraction from her father’s funeral which is taking place later that day.

Rachel is determined to get to the bottom of Amy’s allegation, but is forced to bite her lip again when Max smoothly steps in and takes over. He reminds Rachel that she has a school to run, and anyway, hasn’t she also promised to take Lindsey and Emily to their father’s funeral? Rachel begs Kim to give Bolton a fair hearing before she leaves. Kim pulls an increasingly angry Bolton out of lessons to question him about Amy’s allegation but Max insists on conducting the interview alone. Bolton is furious when Max accuses him of attempting to rape Amy, but however fervently he denies the allegations; Max becomes increasingly sure of his guilt. Max is all for handing the matter straight over to the police, but Kim insists that they get Candice involved, sure that she’s the one person who’ll be able to get the truth out of Bolton. However, even when confronted by his mum on the rampage, Bolton continues to deny everything.

With a little helping hand from Lindsey, news of the ‘assault’ spreads like wildfire around the school. Michaela is sure that the whole thing is a set-up, organised by the John Fosters lot and heads off to confront Amy, but she’s brought up short by her lurid account of the incident. In the end, only Paul stands by his mate. Elsewhere, Rachel returns with Lindsey and Emily. Lindsey clearly only attended the funeral for her little sister’s sake and Rachel is worrying about how she’s dealing with her father’s death. Rachel’s first sight upon entering the school is Denzil scrubbing the front steps having come off worse after a tussle with Max. Worse is to come when she discovers that Bolton has stormed out of the cooler and locked himself in Kim’s office with Amy. While Kim shouts at him to open the door, Max heads off to call the police.

Bolton pleads with Amy to come clean – does she really want to see him go to jail? Is she prepared to give evidence in court and lie in front of a judge? Realising that she’s beginning to waver, Bolton unlocks the door and allows Kim into the room. Her relief immediately turns to anger when Amy confesses that she lied about the assault to get Bolton back for rejecting her advances. Kim can’t believe that Amy could be so stupid, pointing out that it’s because of girls like her that many women and girls who are raped aren’t believed. As Amy apologises to Max and the police for wasting their time, an equally sheepish Michaela apologises to Bolton for not believing him. He tells her it’s too late; they’re over.

Tom finally catches up with the culprit responsible for the old pictures of him – Josh. He demands to know the score and is shocked when Josh reveals that his ex, Georgia, is his mother... and that Tom is his dad. Elsewhere, as Candice makes amends to Bolton and Lindsey rips the flowers from her father’s grave, Max sets about smoothing things over with Kim. He persuades her to join him for dinner and, despite their differences, the attraction between them quickly becomes undeniable...

Episode Soundtrack

  • The Wombats - School Uniforms
  • Lily Allen - Not Fair
  • Black Kids - Hurricane Jane
  • Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
  • Fischerspooner - Danse En France
  • Fischerspooner - In A Modern World
  • Baïkonour - Chiru
  • Lily Allen - Everyone's At It
  • Friendly Fires - Lovesick
  • Grace Jones - Devil In My Life
  • The Chap - Caution Me
  • Baïkonour - Ye Ama Piooo!
  • Just Jack - All Night Cinema
  • Baïkonour - Summer Grass / Winter Worm
  • Delphic - Counterpoint
  • Just Jack - Embers
  • Ladyhawke - Professional Suicide
  • Faunts - Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.
  • Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

All information taken from Official Waterloo Road Website


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