AIRDATE: November 25th 2009

Written by: Phillip Dodds
Produced by: Sharon Channer
Directed by: Fraser MacDonald

Episode Guide

It's Open Day at Waterloo Road and the school is buzzing with preparations, as the drama continues. Max and Rachel are determined to show that the merger with John Fosters is a success and set out to wow the parents and governors with a united school.

Ruby, meanwhile, has taken it upon herself to upgrade the school's buffet menu and puts caviar and other pricey sundries on her husband, John's, company credit card. When Ruby sneaks home to pick up some forgotten ingredients, however, she is confronted with bailiffs and John is forced to admit that his company is bankrupt. She's hurt, betrayed and terrified about losing the luxurious lifestyle she prizes so highly. When Ruby returns to school, Max is unsympathetic and she has a total meltdown in front of the pupils and an LEA representative.

On top of everything else, a nervous and twitchy Max spends the day trying desperately to keep the women in his life apart. Above all, he is keen to make sure that the floundering Helen is kept out of the spotlight and that his clandestine affair with Kim remains a secret. But when Rachel walks in on a private moment between Kim and Max, Kim is mortified – leading Rachel to frostily confirm that she's known about them for some time and that Kim's personal life is none of her business. Clearly Rachel does not approve.

Max presses on, taking over the Open Day and leading the new parents around the school on a tour. Rachel fears Max is using the Open Day to show her up in front of the governors and is about to approach one of them, Jen, to complain about Max. Christopher, however, stops her in her tracks and explains it wouldn't be a good idea given that Jen is Max's wife. Rachel is left shocked and wonders what to do about Kim...

Episode Soundtrack

  • Friendly Fires - In The Hospital
  • Ladytron - Sugar
  • Lily Allen - 22
  • Chase & Status - Pieces (feat. Plan B)
  • The Maccabees - Latchmere
  • Dan Black - Pump My Pumps
  • La Roux - In For The Kill
  • Moby - Isolate
  • Little Boots - New In Town
  • Girls Aloud - Something Kinda Ooooh


(All information taken from Official Waterloo Road Website)




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