AIRDATE: December 16th 2009

Written by: Katie Douglas
Produced by: Sharon Channer
Directed by: Jill Robertson

Episode Guide

It's the day of Helen's first official inspection and she is desperate to impress, as the drama about a comprehensive school continues. Having just spent the night with Max, she now believes their romance might be reignited.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Amy offers to keep the entire class under control – if Helen pays her for the favour. Terrified about losing her job, Helen agrees and can't help but think it's £20 well spent when the inspector is obviously impressed with her "teaching ability". It's only when Helen refuses to give further bribes that Amy runs to Rachel and confesses all.

Max has been defending Helen all day but, upon learning that gossip surrounds their relationship, he attempts to sink Helen's career. Helen is forced to face the harsh truth that she's a terrible teacher and decides to leave Waterloo Road for good – although not before leaving a compromising video of her and Max for Rachel to find.

Chris learns of Max's threatening behaviour towards Rachel and is horrified. He nails his colours firmly to Rachel's flag – it's another ally Max has lost. Meanwhile, Lindsay washes her hands of the girl gangs and tries to rekindle her friendship with Ros and, after one day too many of being bullied by Amy, Siobhan ditches her best mate for boyfriend Luke.

Rachel is disgusted by the video of Max and Helen and realises how low Max will stoop – sleeping with a trainee teacher, then ousting Helen from her position to hide it. Unfortunately, Kim is oblivious to the day's drama and, learning that Max has filed for divorce, is persuaded to give him and their relationship another chance.

Episode Soundtrack

  • Empire of the Sun - We Are The People
  • Dan Black - Alone
  • Madness - Forever Young
  • The Courteeners - No You Didn't, No You Don't
  • White Lies - Death
  • The Rifles - Fall To Sorrow
  • Blur - Sing
  • Empire of the Sun - Standing On The Shore
  • Marmaduke Duke - Kid Gloves
  • Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow
  • Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
  • Dan Brown - Cocoon
  • Phoenix - Love Like A Sunset Part I
  • Doves - Jetstream
  • Röyksopp -Silver Cruiser
  • La Roux - Cover My Eyes

(All information taken from Official Waterloo Road Website)




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