Waterloo Road is a BBC television drama series set in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, and is about a troubled comprehensive school, which can be found at the bottom of every league table there is. The programme focuses on its teachers and students, and confronts social issues, including affairs, abortion, divorce and suicide.

Waterloo Road is produced by Shed Productions, the production company responsible for Bad Girls and Footballers' Wives. It is filmed in Rochdale, England.



The main location for Waterloo Road Comprehensive is the former Hill Top Primary School in Rochdale, England. As well as external shots, the internal views of the school used in the series have also been filmed inside Hill Top.

Other locations used include areas in and around Rochdale and nearby Manchester.



Hill Top Primary School was supposed to be demolished in 2008, however this was not the case as it has been confirmed that Hill Top Primary is the main location for Waterloo Road Comprehensive in Series 5. This is because the deal for the new building fell through.

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