NAME: Celine Dixon (Minor/Recurring Character)

AGE: Unknown


FAMILY: Unknown

APPEARANCES IN WATERLOO ROAD: Series 2, Episode 4 - Episode 5 & Series 3, Episode 7 - Episode 20

PORTRAYED BY: Zeriozha Burt-Skeete

Celine Dixon has had a difficult time at Waterloo Road. Leigh-Ann Galloway roped Celine into her bid for an attack on Mika Grainger, but it turned out her heart wasn't really in it. She was forced to take a short sabbatical after being attacked by Kevin Hurst, the stepfather of pupil Maxine Barlow, who went on to attack Stacey Appleyard and at least two other young girls.

On her return, she helped Donte Charles to get over the infidelity of his wife and one-time friend of hers Chlo Charles. However, she started to suspect that Donte was still in love with Chlo, and became insecure and jealous, as a result.

On the last day of term, a fire caused an explosion in the canteen, after Stuart Hordley accidentally ignited it by dropping a cigarette near a gas bottle. Chlo was left trapped in the toilets. When Donte set off to rescue his wife, only for Celine to reveal that she's pregnant, something she had been trying all day to do, but he refuses to believe her. Seeing him and Chlo together causes her to move out of view from everybody and sit on a grass verge, where she breaks down in tears. 


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