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We will be watching all episodes from the above series to see which character we think is most deserving of the Series Character Spotlight.





First Appearance: Series 1, Episode 1

Age: 13 - 50s

Occupation: Students, Teachers, Deputy Headteacher, Headteacher, Dinnerladies, Supply Teachers

Family: Not Applicable

Portrayed By: Eva Pope, Neil Morrissey, Jamie Glover, Angela Griffin, Denise Welch, Jason Done, Philip Martin Brown, Shabana Bakhsh, Kay Purcell, Elaine Symons, Katy Carmichael, Jessica Baglow, Lauren Thomas, Lucy Dixon, Tachia Newall, Thomas Milner, Zaraah Abrahams, Reece Douglas, Luke Bailey, Holly Kenny, Sadie Pickering, Dean Smith, Darcey Isa, Steve Money, Elyes Gabel, Colin Tierney, Sheraiah Larcher, Rachael Elizabeth, Malcolm Scates, Tim Healy, Christine Tremarco, Chris Geere, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Ellie Paskell, Chelsee Healey, Katie Griffiths, Adam Thomas, Naveed Choudhry, Reece Noi

Reason For Character Spotlight of the series: For a fantastic 20 episodes throughout Series 4 which kept us glued to our TVs on a Wednesday night.

We have decided to award the whole cast & crew of Waterloo Road with the character spotlight of the series. This is because of their effort to produce a fantastic fourth series, which saw the introduction of the 'family from hell' the Kelly's, Earl Kelly bringing a gun into school (which led to younger brother Denzil being locked up and released later in the series), The first ever Waterloo Road choir, the return of Kim (who smuggled a baby into the country) & Andrew, the near death of Bolton (who almost drowned in a pool) & Grantley (who was believed to have had a heart attack), the arrival of Chlo & Donte's baby and the whole Melissa, Eddie, Rachel & Philip storylines. Let's not forget that the school was also brought to it's knees following the tragic death of Maxine Barlow in episode 8 and the explosive series finale which saw Ralph Mellor drive a digger to the school and knock down the entrance.

Character arrivals in this series were Lauren Andrews, Kim Campbell (returning), Denzil Kelly, Rose Kelly, Sambuca Kelly, Phillip Ryan, Rob Cleaver, Earl Kelly, Marley Kelly, Flick Mellor, Ralph Mellor, Melissa Ryan & Andrew Treneman (returning).

Character departures in this series were Maxine Barlow, Earl Kelly, Rob Cleaver, Melissa Ryan, Eddie Lawson, Matt Wilding, Chlo Grainger, Donte Charles, Janeece Bryant, Davina Shackleton, Marley Kelly, Jasmine Koreshi, Flick Mellor, Ralph Mellor & Andrew Treneman.

Let's hope that Series 5 will be just as good or even better.

All of the above actors & actresses all appeared in Series 4 at some point.

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