NAME: Dale Baxter (Minor/Recurring Character)

AGE: Unknown


FAMILY: ?? (Mother)


PORTRAYED BY: Jack O'Connell

Dale Baxter was thought to be a truant because of his many absences from school, and generally absconding. Jack Rimmer was forced by Andrew Treneman to phone the police about his record at school. As a result, his mother was arrested and Dale was taken in by a social worker to be assigned to foster care. He was forced to return to school the next day, supported by Kim Campbell.

After finishing his drama lesson well and seemingly happy about school, Dale made a trip to the toilets. He was seen placing a cloth in his bag before going to his second lesson, French, where he was seated next to Courtney who complained of his smell, saying he needed a wash. During breaktime, Kim tried to talk to him but could not get a word in.

During his third period with Lorna Dickey, Dale asked to go to the toilet, but an angry Lorna (probably due to her Multiple Sclerosis) refused. He tried to escape the class, but Lorna stopped him from doing so. He then began to urinate in front of the class, receiving taunts and laughter from his peers. Courtney led the taunts after looking into his bag and finding the cloth--which turned out to be Dale's underwear, soaked in urine. Mortified, Dale ran from the classroom.

Dale was recommended to see a doctor, while Lorna, obviously regretting her decision not to let him go to the toilet, did an Internet search to try to find the cause of Dale's problem. She found information on Overactive Bladder Syndrome, printed out the details and passed them on to fellow teachers. After taking this information and Dale's embarrassment into consideration, Dale was counseled not to drink fizzy drinks and to get plenty of water, with the reassurance that he would be fine soon. Dale, realizing he had a medical problem and not a mental issue, felt a lot happier about the situation. Later, his mother was released from jail and the court cases were upheld.

Dale was the primary reason Jack Rimmer was able to keep his job. Lyndsey Woodham and Jack competed for the position of Headmaster at Waterloo Road, and Lyndsey sailed through as the top contender. Before their final "exam", Dale attacked Jack, hitting against Lyndsey in a violent rampage, screaming, "I hate you, Rimmer!" Jack then held Dale until he was calm, telling him that no one hates him and that he would get help. After Lyndsey got the job, she turned it down, realizing she couldn't do the job while Jack could. 


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