NAME: Jo Lipsett

AGE: 31

OCCUPATION: Head of Modern Languages

FAMILY: Unknown


PORTRAYED BY: Sarah-Jayne Potts

Jo’s in her early thirties, charismatic, stunning and spirited - bringing a rush of excitement to the staffroom with her forthright and fun approach to life. Passionate and dedicated, she’s worked hard to become Head of Languages at a tender 31 years of age. But behind the youthful veneer is an old style school teacher who exudes confidence and authority and is respected by staff and pupils alike.

A middle class, traditional upbringing has given Jo a traditional approach to learning: she works hard and plays hard and expects the same of her pupils. Jo’s views on teaching and a child’s place may seem reactionary but she’s politically informed, has firm views on the issues of the day - and a history of civil disobedience.

With Jo as her new boss, Steph finds it hard taking direction from a girl just out of nappies – she’s barely older than the kids. On discovering Jo's a lesbian – something Jo is comfortable with but doesn’t wear around her neck - Steph isn’t above trying to use the fact to her advantage…


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