NAME: Leigh-Ann Galloway (Minor/Recurring Character)

AGE: Unknown


FAMILY: Unknown

APPEARANCES IN WATERLOO ROAD: Series 2, Episode 1 - Episode 3

PORTRAYED BY: Holly Matthews

Leigh-Ann Galloway was a girl in Mika Grainger's sixth form class who, like her, wanted the attentions of the newly-arrived Brett Aspinall. In 2x01 She along with Mika was invited along to Brett's house, however after too much to drink she sneakily lifted Mika's top up and pictured it on her phone.

She was also spiteful to Mika about her mother "running off" with another teacher's husband.

Mika and her then became at war which got so bad Mika attempted suicide, and was only narrowly stopped by her step-father Tom Clarkson. In 2x03, she was expelled from the school and Jack told her to count herself lucky that he wasn't informing the police about her behaviour.

Brett and Mika got together after this. 


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