NAME: Lewis Seddon

AGE: 17

OCCUPATION: Kitchen Assistant (Former Student)

FAMILY: Gem Seddon (Aunt), Jed Seddon (Cousin), Charlotte (Daughter, Deceased)


DEPARTED WATERLOO ROAD: Series 3, Episode 10

REASON FOR LEAVING: The actor who played Lewis (Craig Fitzpatrick) was wanted by police in September 2007 for failing to attend court over an assault allegation. His character was ruled out of the show for Series 4. BBC Bosses have said that this was not the reason why his character was written out of the show. The reason of why the character is no longer in the show have not been explained. He was last seen in Series 3, Episode 10.

PORTRAYED BY: Craig Fitzpatrick

Former pupil Lewis used to be the bad boy of the local community. He was permanently excluded from Waterloo Road for sexually threatening behaviour towards ex Head of Pastoral Care, Kim Campbell. Lewis has been in trouble from an early age - with his half-brothers and cousins he's been a thorn in the side of the local police since he was nine - he boasts that he's the reason the government brought in ASBOs.

Finally it seems that Lewis has begun to grow up. He returns to Waterloo Road, this time working in the school's kitchen and assisting the new cook Candice. Girlfriend Maxine hopes his new responsibilities will be the making of him. He later found out during Series 3 that he was the father of Maxine's still born baby Charlotte.


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