NAME: Michaela White

AGE: Unknown


FAMILY: Gary White (Father)

ARRIVED AT WATERLOO ROAD: Series 3, Episode 12

PORTRAYED BY: Zaraah Abrahams

Having sworn she would leave Waterloo Road as soon as she could, Michaela White is slightly annoyed to have found herself back in the sixth form but after surprisingly good GCSE results – which give away the brightness she tries so hard to hide – her parents have insisted she get her A Levels too. Although in the past she’s been a bully of both pupils and teachers, these days Michaela is slightly more chilled preferring to get her victims with merciless put downs – to the amusement of the rest of the class. However, beneath the hard as nails veneer she’s fiercely loyal to those she loves.

Michaela’s no girly girl and is more likely to be found sparing with the lads than gossiping with the girls. With her razor sharp brains and iron will, she’s capable of being Waterloo Road’s most insolent and difficult madam. This is not a girl to be messed with. 


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