NAME: Stacey Appleyard (Minor/Recurring Character)

AGE: Unknown


FAMILY: Unknown

APPEARANCES IN WATERLOO ROAD: Series 2, Episode 5 - Episode 10

PORTRAYED BY: Holly Grainger

Stacey Appleyard was a student in Chlo Grainger's class who lived with her father after her mother abandoned her, causing Stacy to develop some coping problems. She attempted to forge a relationship between her father and teacher Kim Campbell, and had attempted a similar tactic with a female colleague of her father's (the latter was not seen on screen).

She had a crush on teacher Tom Clarkson and has tried to get close to him, even to the point of lying next to him in bed while Tom was sleeping, having persuaded Chlo to let her stay at the house to do homework. She was discovered by Izzie's daughters Mika Grainger and Chlo Grainger, as Izzie was not in the house then. Tom yelled at her to get out, but when Izzie found out about it she threw Tom out, claiming that she couldn't find any feelings for him anymore, although they eventually got back together.

Her other foolish act was to steal the credit card of a supervisor at the place where and several other pupils undertook work experience, simply to pair up her dad with Kim Campbell with the purchase of some chocolates. She tried to escape detection by framing Maxine Barlow, after she got on the wrong side of Stacey, but Kim put two and two together, and cleared up the matter, to the extent of Steph Haydock offering Maxine a permanent home.

Before this incident, Stacey had fallen victim to the serial sex attacker who had already attacked Celine Dixon and at least two other young females in the local area. She managed to escape the attacker's clutches and on her escape through woodland she came across Lewis Seddon, believing him to be her attacker. Lewis was arrested soon afterwards, but it was soon discovered that school catering assistant Kevin Hurst (Maxine Barlow's step-father) was the attacker. 


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